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Pursue a Wealth Preservation Specialist Career Path at ICM

If you’re interested in a wealth protection specialist career path, you’ll be impressed to discover a world of opportunity open up to you when you work at ICM Financial. You’ll be equipped with everything you need to be successful in your new vocational venture. ICM is independent, nonproprietary, and allows our wealth protection specialists to offer the best policies. Discover a wealth protection specialist career path with ICM and secure your future.

What Does a Wealth Preservation Specialist Career Path Entail?

What Does a Wealth Preservation Specialist Career Path Entail?

Prior to pursuing a wealth protection specialist career path, you should understand what life insurance is and how the life insurance industry operates. Life insurance is purchased by individuals to provide financial resources to beneficiaries upon the death. It may be purchased to serve as income replacement, debt repayment or to fulfill promised funds such as college tuition. The purpose is to provide stability, peace of mind and security, as delivered by a wealth preservation specialist career path.

What are the Responsibilities of a Wealth Preservation Specialist?

In this position you contact prospective clients in order to sell products. It’s the job of the specialist to understand and explain the products and services to the potential client so that they can efficiently choose a plan that’s right for them. A specialist will:

Prospect clients in order to expand their client pool

Interview prospects in order to fully comprehend their needs and pain points

Explain different policies and the advantages of each

You may specialize in different products or have a more generalized approach, such as providing more comprehensive financial planning services. This may include estate planning and pension planning for businesses. You may also offer mutual funds, variable annuities and other securities.

New Clients

New Clients

Creating and/or bolstering your existing client base is a vital part of the wealth preservation specialist position. This may include absorbing clients from other agents who are still at the company or who are no longer there. It’s important to effectively market your services to clients, especially to those who are not current clients. When you provide exemplary service, you get referrals. Referrals are an excellent way to garner new clients, as there is an established bond of trust.