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How to Get Ahead with Insurance

If you are starting a career as a life insurance agent, or you’re an experienced agent searching for life insurance jobs, CA has a lot to offer. Besides the high population of professionals and the glamor, California is a state that can grant incredible returns to those with the wits, charm, and chutzpah to thrive. As a firm with over 35 years of experience in Southern California providing financial services, we at Independent Capital Management, Inc. can offer a great deal of advice to those considering life insurance jobs here.

Life Insurance Jobs and ICM

We are a leading recruiting firm in the financial services industry, and have been an industry leader for three decades. We are focused on providing talented individuals with the opportunities to build life-long careers out of life insurance jobs in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and San Diego County. We have two models for advisors joining our firm: employees, with compensation packages including generous benefits such as 401(k) with matching, ownership via stock options, and tuition reimbursement for CFP designation, as well as our independent model for established advisors and agencies.

For those who favor life insurance jobs Los Angeles will let you grow with, our management career path gives qualified individuals an opportunity to develop leadership skills and advance their careers. ICM is committed to promoting from within, and we encourage our advisors to strive to open new retail branch locations, join senior management in an existing branch, or train, manage, and mentor other advisors in their careers.

Why to Live Here

Why to Live Here

Apart from being the second-biggest metropolis in the country, center of what is by far the most highly-populated county, seat of the entertainment industry, and a rapidly-expanding tech hub to rival Silicon Valley, Los Angeles has much to offer. A highly favorable climate, a large and diverse variety of neighborhoods to suit anyone’s tastes and price point, easy access to spectacular countryside for water, winter, and equestrian sports, and a thriving cultural scene mean that for those seeking life insurance jobs Los Angeles is a highly tempting prospect. For families, the excellent selection of schools both public and private, and the proximity of Universal Studios, Disneyland, and Six Flags Magic Mountain are compelling factors.

Getting Ahead in the Industry

First off, when searching for life insurance jobs in SoCal, people generally understand ‘the Industry’ to mean showbusiness, so don’t get confused. If you’re looking for a leg-up in your new town, remember the virtues of networking. Sites such as Meetup and Eventful can provide ample opportunity to meet like-minded people, whether you’re seeking other insurance agents or merely people that can help you get invited to the right parties. Shop around for the right place of worship for you, if you practice. You don’t have to settle for the gym your company gets you membership for– if handled delicately, you can find a promising workout spot and leverage that for networking too. When it comes to life insurance jobs, SoCal has plenty of opportunities to make the connections necessary to thrive.

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