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What to Expect in a Financial Advisor Job

Arguably the most important aspect of beginning your career as a financial advisor is choosing the right company to join. After all, you want to be sure that you’re working for a firm that will support you and give you the additional training and resources you need to be competitive in your career. What are you looking for from an employer, and do you have the confidence and people skills to ask for and get it?

Entry Level Financial Advisor

Independent Capital Management is one company with a reputation for taking care of both new and more experienced incoming staff. Our mission statement is to give people the tools they need to become financially independent. At the same time, we want to help our advisors build their own financial resources, supplementing your career with growth and professional development, all to help you elevate your business to the next level . With ICM you will help individuals and businesses both accumulate wealth and protect what they’ve earned.


Successful applicants must be responsible for scheduling appointments in the knowledge that your manager will mentor them through the client planning process, from situation assessment to plan implementation.

Successful applicants will also conduct face-to-face meetings with their manager’s support, in order to gather pertinent information and provide education to clients on fundamental financial issues.

This role requires analysis and management of clients’ assets and liabilities, with the goal of enhancing their net worth.

Additionally successful applicants must present and implement tax-efficient planning solutions to help clients accumulate tax-advantaged wealth and generate tax-free distributions.

The role also requires a high level of individualized service throughout long term consultative relationships with clients to increase loyalty and referral business.

Finally, it is imperative to expand your knowledge and financial expertise on the job through ongoing specialized training.

Qualifications and Skills

Qualifications and Skills

ICM is looking for an organized individual who excels in problem solving and multi-tasking.

We only want to develop motivated hard workers with self-confidence and a strong desire to learn.

Self-starters with abundant energy and a track record of determination, effort, and achievement are highly prized.

We also require applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent work experience demonstrating proficiency in marketing, sales, customer service, and/or management skills.

Excellent communication and listening skills are, of course, mandatory.