Sales Representative Careers in Beverly Hills

If you are seeking a job where you can build your personal wealth while helping others gain financial independence, we have an exceptional opportunity for you. Advisors with Independent Capital Management, Inc. enjoy career growth and professional development as they aid clients in accumulating wealth and protecting their hard-earned assets. 

ICM can give you the training and marketing support you need to advance your career, whether you’re new to the industry or looking to enhance your personal services. Full-service independent Financial Advisors are able to customize plans in order to assist clients with asset protection, risk management, estate and retirement planning, liability management, real estate and more. 


Job Responsibilities 

Advisors are required to schedule appointments and conduct face-to-face meetings with clients. You will receive support and mentorship from your manager to help you gather initial information and assess the situation. Your manager will also instruct you in how to educate clients on the fundamentals of their financial issues and how to implement a suitable plan. 

Advisors will also analyze and manage clients’ assets to improve their net worth, creating a tax-efficient solution. They will continually train to improve their financial expertise and knowledge, and build long-term consultative relationships with clients that prioritize individualized service. 


Qualifications and Required Skills 

ICM is looking for candidates with either Bachelor’s Degrees or equivalent work experience showcasing proficiency in marketing, sales, customer service, and/or management. Motivation and energy are key. The perfect candidate will be a highly determined and accomplished individual with self-confidence and a fervent interest in learning. They will also be an excellent problem solver, multi-tasker, and listener, with finely-honed communication skills. 



ICM is able to offer a substantial compensation package including benefits. Medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance are all included, as is tuition reimbursement for your CFP designation and 401(k) with matching. We will provide you with everything you need to expand your business, including our proven referral process for marketing your services and the training to obtain in-demand industry licenses. We also offer ongoing advisory and management training to help you progress further. You will have the opportunity to qualify for business conferences in exciting locales like Costa Rica, New York, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Hawaii. Perhaps most importantly, though, the position offers the opportunity to help people from a variety of financial backgrounds and provide creative solutions for their needs. While we are offering this position in Beverly Hills, ICM has offices throughout the West Coast which we are actively recruiting at. 


Independent Capital Management is the best prospect for those seeking sales representative careers in Beverly Hills. With over 30 years of operating as an independent firm, we have cultivated relationships with a wide range of financial firms and insurance providers, making our services highly competitive in the field. We have over 50 thousand clients on the books with over $1 billion in assets under our management, and $5 billion in insurance protection. If you’re interested in finding out more on our company’s credentials, we encourage you to get in touch. Call us on 800-600-2620. #