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<span>Independent Capital Management, Inc.</span>

Independent Capital Management, Inc.

was formed with the philosophy of providing independent financial advice to individuals, families, and businesses throughout the country. This unique combination of independent professional advice with a personal touch, is what we call “Real Advice from Real People.”

It has become more complex than ever to plan and implement an effective financial plan that meets all of your needs. ICM advisors work with clients on an ongoing basis to develop a relationship that will last throughout your life. Our goal is to help every client improve their quality of life by building financial confidence.

Our firm is completely independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients, not to a distant parent company. This independence enables us to establish working relationships with a large number of industry-leading financial firms and insurance providers to create customized plans to suit our clients’ specific needs. Staffed by a team of experts with various financial disciplines, ICM offers a wide range of well-known products and services as it guides clients through even the most complex financial situations.

An Industry Leader

An Industry Leader

We are dedicated to providing complete training and support to successful individuals committed to developing a rewarding career in the financial services industry. As an advisor with Independent Capital Management, Inc., you will help individuals and businesses accumulate wealth and preserve their hard-earned assets. ICM advisors currently help more than 50,000 clients throughout the country with more than $1 Billion in assets under management and $5 Billion of insurance protection.

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Comprehensive Approach

Learn about our holistic approach to financial planning, which focuses on the fundamental foundations of retirement, insurance, and real estate.

Subsidized Entrepreneurship

Start or transition your business strategically under the ICM umbrella giving you all the upside of being an entrepreneur, but limits your downside risk

Development Opportunities

Leverage our affinity marketing programs, business development tools, and our orphan lead generation program to supplement your referral-based business.

In a world where change is constant, Osaic Wealth, Inc is changing the paradigm of what to expect from an independent broker-dealer. They’re doing so by giving advisors an unequaled blend of freedom and support through an open architecture platform, and by transforming 40 years of experience into know-how that works today.

ICM has been affiliated with Osaic Wealth since 1992. We appreciate and rely on the resources that come with being a part of one of the largest networks of independent advisors in America. In addition, we feel that Osaic Wealth is driven to remain one of the most flexible and collaborative broker-dealers. Osaic Wealth, Inc manages $146.7 Billion in assets for clients and has annual gross revenue of $1.3 Billion. Their strengths, combined with the collective strengths of the ICM platform, provide powerful momentum to meet the next generation of challenges and opportunities.

Dream Big, Don’t Over Promise!

ICM also offers a competitive opportunity to licensed and experienced advisors who have already been successful at building a book of business. Our target market for this model is strictly transitional advisors who are established in the industry and looking for a new firm to help take their business to the next level through comprehensive planning tools, marketing resources, advanced training,
and compliance support.

ICM provides the benefit of being affiliated with a private, boutique firm, combined with the back-office support of Osaic Wealth, one of the largest independent broker-dealers in the United States. Transition bonuses and administrative support are available to qualified advisors joining our team.

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